The idea and technology for connecting sensors to a network for monitoring remotely and controlling physical systems have been known since many years and developed accordingly. Here comes a concept called Internet of Things was coined and used to integrate the related approaches into a common framework. It is considered as one of the cutting-edge technologies of this century and has caught the attention of industry, society as a way of enhancing technology in day to day activities as well as creation of new business models, products and services. This is one of the truly enhancing platforms that sneaks upon humans very agilely.

IOT has amalgamated hardware and software to the internet to create a smarter world and is progressively becoming an important aspect of our life that can be sensed everywhere around us. It is an innovation that puts together an extensive variety of smart systems, frameworks, devices and sensors. There are heaps of applications that rely on IOT are Industry automation, Agriculture, Health-Care, Wearables, Smart-home applications making it equib in billions of everyday objects with connectivity and intelligence. Sensor technology represents one of the emerging areas of physics, electronics which is the one that has greatly exploited the innovations in the microelectronics, and computer technologies. It is the axiom of industry revolution, including a worldwide infrastructure for collecting and processing information from storage, actuation, sensing, advanced services and communication technologies.

As the technology is booming day to day the need for real-time applications with smart connections among each other is increased. This technology helps the devices to connect with each other and update accordingly with changes in the surrounding environment with high accuracy. Connecting a huge number of devices ensures high security levels to prevent fraudulent actions by any third-party devices. The Internet of things is acknowledged as one of the most important areas of future technologies and is gaining vast recognition in a wide range of applications like and fields related to smart cities, military, homeland security systems. Among all smart home applications is one of the main domains that uses IOT infrastructure to connect several sensors.

Expanded usage of electronic gadgets, virtual assistance, home appliances, security systems humans are seeing a surge to encroachment of devices in their lives. These devices while facilitating an effective lifestyle which in turn generates a vast amount of data that will have to be processed, stored and need to be converted to information relevant for the analysis. This is the case where cloud platforms came into picture where IOT data is integrated with efficient cloud platforms by using the technologies of AI.

Blend of high-speed, resilient, low-latency with technologies of AI and IOT will enable the transformation towards the fully Autonomous Vehicle. The process of introducing autonomous vehicles with Automated driving assistance (ADS) to the internet of things is a kind of developing new standards for performance connectivity and network security. The main target here is to minimize the risk factor of human life ensuring safety during their travel. As driving becomes boring due to traffic jams in this case automatic detection comes in handy. Characteristic features of this type of vehicle include obstacle avoidance, lane detection, traffic light detection, top-notch GPS location tracking assuring comfort and convenience while driving. High-end sensors like Lidar, Internet modem, Pi camera, multiple sensors are used for making the model fully assisted by integrating AI technologies. Immense network guided systems in conjunction with vision guided features is the future of autonomous vehicles. The future of autonomous vehicles is the ambitious era of shielded and comfortable transportation.

The fusion of IOT and AI has turned out to be a success for the organizations in different industries. Machine learning, one of the technologies of AI gathers all the data using the internet helps in data anomalies, enhances risk management, and improves operational efficiency. Artificial intelligence with IOT empowers with customized analytics that can be used to create personalized security surveillance and trigger requirements. Every individual out there trusts the devices and related data services are secure from vulnerabilities as this technology becomes more pervasive. Anti-tamper features and other innovations are considered to ensure security.

IOT not only means a combination of wireless sensor networks, data storage, embedded systems it is much more than that. As IOT means millions of connected devices which calls for two major trends like data integration and big data. Examining this gigantic and quick streaming information requires cutting edge innovations, for example, virtualization software's, versatile processing and so on which need vigorous execution registering gadgets that thus give the instrument to run over the bits of knowledge of huge information. The connected devices provide data at such a staggering rate that in future the data volume from the main time will appear to be a major diminutive. AI can moreover help machines,humans, gadgets, and so on the whole called 'things', get together to comprehend what significant data people may require from the information. Also AI accepts an essential part in IoT viewpoint to deal with the massive volume of information

The future of the Internet consists of variant connected devices which further extend the borders of the world with physical entities and virtual components. Driven by the declining price of sensors, microprocessors coupled with a growing array of affordable connectivity technologies, IOT serves as the next frontier in the role of information and communication technologies in the development. It is an incremental process that gives a motive to nearly universal digital transformations. Drift of IOT in coming years will be promising which puts a spotlight for both consumers and the industrial fields proves that the future has already begun along with technology which keeps changing the lives of humans duly.

As we continuously deploy AI models in the wild we will be compelled to reconsider the impacts of such automation on the conditions of human life. In spite of the fact that these frameworks bring a bunch of benets,they likewise contain innate dangers, for example, security break, codifying and settling in inclinations, lessening responsibility and frustrating due process and expanding the data imbalance between information supportive of data producers and information holders. So the need for an AI system on top of such AI enabled IOT has come into existence. Our lives will go on to be progressively constrained by innovation, and we will depend on them for everything. Whatever be the situation, people ought to still have matchless quality over all the man-made cleverness. Really at that time we can control this upset without getting oppressed by it