With the advent of digitalization of mobility services across the globe the call for two-wheelers emerged as the engine growth for the booming on-demand, thereby driving individuals forward on wheels of thrifty and convenience. One of the hand- picked modes of transport in our daily commute that hit the market is bike taxis. In this context, our company is developing an application named MOPEDO with technological sophistication all the way. The intent of this bike hailing application is that it is built by integrating with Artificial Intelligence technologies making it quirk. It ensures high-end security for the users enabling safe and hassle-free rides. It is fully automated with current technology inbuilt without giving a chance to step back. Mopedo offers the most affordable and assists a steady mode of commute service to every common man even in rush hours.

Why only Mopedo?

One may have plenty of reasons that make Mopedo unique and draws the consumers attention to take up a ride opting for the right choice for their travel.

  • The sole reason that enumerates the mopedo is Women Safety in present day life. AI automated this application eccentrics the women recommendation system where every woman can choose a women pilot which totally depends on one’s choice. Women pilots start their rides only after training them in customer interaction, defensive driving, first-aid and more. As safety is of paramount importance to all the platforms since then safety measures are undertaken to satisfy the customer needs. Series of measures are taken covering all the three legs of the journey before, after and during the ride.
  • The application authenticates the individuals with the high-up profile verification with AI enabled Face Recognition process. Pilots and consumers' faces are captured while registration making it accessible for both during rides ensuring risk free rides. For every onboarding process faces captured are confirmed with images provided during registration enabling trustworthy rides. And pilots can easily recognize the consumers and locate their pick-up points by just viewing the update profile of the consumer.
  • Assisting the human behavior during their ride in the right way sums up with the emerging AI Voice Assistance within the application. It is completely automated by assisting humans to operate easily irrespective of having prior knowledge. In the limelight of visually impaired persons this feature will be a barrier free to travel safely to their destinations without any hurdles. It is totally a fusion of providing high-end geolocation tracking requests, in- vehicle previous preferences into the conversation to deliver reliable responses to consumers.
  • Optical Character Recognition is one of the AI techniques for detecting the vehicle license plate of the pilots which is verified during the onboarding process. One can easily identify the pilot with the help of license plate number in case of crew. This bike hailing application running on tech enable systems makes it possible to detect and prevent unsafe accidents by offering much needed remediation.
  • The application indulges in a choice of Guardian Booking which enables booking a ride for consumers who can be anyone of the family member, friends etc. The guardian is addressed to the pilot by providing basic information for a smooth onboard and can access the pilot just by referring to the tracking link. Ride monitoring is done by using AI and machine learning algorithms to track, analyze rides on indicators such as midway stops, route deviations in addition to plugging other vulnerabilities assuring effortless rides.
  • Mopedo bike taxi services provide first and last mile connectivity to public transit which is directly creating a part time and full-time opportunities to augment livelihoods for students, unemployed and for the individuals who are traditionally involved in the driving domain. The application encompasses Pilot Mode of Rides where the pilots can choose their modes of ride according to their comfort zones. With these pilots attain rides without any hedge and reach their destinations in no time. Pilots offering services at the gridlock will be an asset by satisfying the needs of the riders at the right time.
  • In the prompt of ride fares, Virtual Card System is provided to offer decisive fares for the working people who in turn can save time. A prepaid card system can enhance the avoidance of cashable payments.
  • The entire model is built with an AI enabled alert system ensuring both consumers and pilots notifying timely everything during the ride. It encounters every down break of the vehicle to the pilot in turn to avoid relevant accidents. It gears up all the means at every end of the ride.

And yes, this is the right platform to take up rides with a mopedo bike hailing application which in turn provides surveillance to both pilots and consumers equally. Mopedo bike service holds potential to become an important first to last mile connectivity option, which is going to feed efficiently into public modes of transportation and bolstering their ridership’s and utilization. It addresses the gap of affordable transport for consumers by making an effective mode of travel through the shortest distance. Bike taxis are ideal to beat the peak hour congestion by their use in specific time intervals in a day. Through the mopedo two-wheeler service one can curtail road accidents by enforcement of safety rules and enhanced road safety precautions during their travel. The practice of consumer’s rating the pilots enables the platform to impede off-roads dangerous pilots. Mopedo is one of the applications which could definitely reach the maximum extent of people in both the modes of service as a pilot and a consumer.